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2004-10-13 - 1:42 p.m.


You may have noticed that Iíve taken a sudden notion to try and work on some of my issues, both in therapy and by exploring them in some depth in writing. I know that it ainít gonna be pretty for the most part, and maybe not very interesting, especially if the entries get really long. For those who are hanging in on the off chance I might bust out with something funny every now and again, I apologize in advance for what may turn out to be an ongoing lack of entertainment value for your net-surfing dollar.

So why air my dirty laundry in public anyway, you might ask. I could explore all the deep dark corners of my psyche to my heartís content in my private journal, but I kind of think it might be good to drag some of this stuff out into the light of day rather than continuing to lock it away in shame. Any feedback that comes my way might prove useful... then again, it might not. Supportive comments are always appreciated, of course, and though advice may not always be taken I will try to appreciate the spirit in which it is offered.

I reserve the right to ignore or answer any negative or moronic comments as I see fit. If any of my half-baked opinions or theories or musings on dysfunctional behavior in general offends you personally, please feel free to email me or leave a comment and Iíll do my best to explain. Chances are that whatever it is, I didnít mean it the way it sounded. Tact is simply not my forte.... just ask my poor husband.

Also, if you are someone I know is a reader of mine and you think some snarky-sounding or critical comment was directed at you personally, I can almost guarantee you it wasnít. I will never intentionally direct veiled criticisms at my friends through a diary entry.

Happy slogging!

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