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...and then she fell ass-first into my cereal bowl

2006-03-28 - 8:28 p.m.


Hating my little jobby-job as I do these days, I have a tendency to drag my ass a little when it comes to getting out of the apartment to go there in the mornings.

I really should be leaving here by 7:15 at the latest, and that's if I want to run in the door with just enough time to pee and grab a cup of tea before tethering myself to the phone for several hours duration.

So yesterday it's 7:12ish, and I'm sitting here at the computer snarfing a bowl of All-Bran cereal into my face just as fast as I can chew, holding the bowl up to my face so as not to drip milk all over my only clean outfit while simultaneously distracting myself from the less-than-delightful taste of the stuff by surfing the 'net.

Meanwhile, Luna decides to take a stroll across the desktop, because her favorite time to love me all up is when I have food. Not having a taste for cat dander in my cereal, I give her a little shoo and so she hurls her fat body skyward, jumping none-too-gracefully up over the top of the monitor to the shelf of the computer desk above.

Only she doesn't quite make it. She hangs in mid-air for a long second, doing a desperate Wile E. Coyote foot-scrabble before bouncing off the keyboard and landing ass-first in my cereal bowl.

Which flies out of my hand, spraying cereal and milk far and wide; miraculously missing the aforementioned only clean outfit, but requiring much wiping, blotting and vacuuming of the carpet and computer to be crammed in to my already-behind schedule.

This cat is the Shleprock of the cat world. Only a few weeks ago, she spent several seconds spinning merrily (and peeing!) in the clothes dryer before I realized that I had not, in fact, thrown a pair of shoes in there.

We don't think she sustained any brain damage from banging around in there, but then again, with this one how could you tell the difference?

Reading: The Hedonism Handbook
Listening to: Gregorian Chants (it's soothing, and it drowns out the TV)
Thinking about: I need to go to bed, but I'm not tired

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