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Playing catch-up

2006-03-27 - 5:35 a.m.


So it's been what, 8 months or so since I updated? Long time no see indeed.

I had to lock up rather abruptly due to my diary inadvertantly being outed to a family member. The person in question viewed a page or two before leaving, and I'm not sure if she even knew that the diary was mine. I suspect she didn't know and left due to lack of interest. She's mostly into political blogs, so I don't think my fluffy, angsty, ranty stuff would hold any kind of appeal for her. Still, I felt like locking up would be a good idea.

Anyway. Life has been interesting here in the past eight months, in an "old Chinese curse" kind of way.

In August, I totally fell off the wagon with the housecleaning, exercising and dieting. I just didn't have any energy to do it all any more, which baffled me because I still felt plenty motivated. Turns out I was in the beginning stages of sliding into a fairly serious depression. I've also come to suspect that the "busy" period in which I was frantically succeeding at everything I tried was in fact a hypomanic episode.

Since then, I've been working on stabilizing my moods with vitamins, light therapy and the occasional bout of exercise. Seems to be helping some. Knock wood.

Other highlights of the past few months:

In October, a homeless kid moved into my daughter's closet and lived there for five months.

In December, I encouraged my daughter to drop out of high school. She wasn't doing a goddamn thing, her alternative school program had changed for the worse and wasn't doing jack shit to help her, and I'll be damned if I was going to spend another year attempting to push her through high school while she drags her heels, whines and continues to shirk the most basic requirements such as behaving like a mature human being in class and doing her homework. (At age nineteen I'm going to call her teachers every day to find out if she has homework? I think not!) We're getting her enrolled in a GED program this summer, and then some sort of vocational program at the community college in the fall.

She managed to flunk the road portion of driver's ed and was not able to get her license before she dropped out. That's the only reason we held out through December.

In January she had her tonsils out.

In February I started taking bellydance classes. After a seven week course, I'm getting more limber and can do some moves, but I still look like Frankenstein in a coin belt when I try to "dance."

Yesterday, I started the second 7-week session of classes. Turns out I've got to practice my way out of the Frankenstein phase right quick, because we may be performing in May. Yikes.

Let's see, what else...

My sex life took a complete nosedive into the shitter during the Great Depression. The fact that I'm now ten pounds over my formerly highest weight is not helping any.

The Prince got a new job and he really likes it. Our money situation still sucks though. Due to an error in filling out his tax forms, we wound up owing a couple thousand in taxes last year, and I'm terrified to even see what we're going to owe this year. And now that the W-9's are filed properly, he's bringing home several hundred dollars less than he was before. And our rent is going up.

I got tore a brand spanking new asshole by my boss a few weeks ago. I guess I'm about thisclose to getting fired. Lovely.

The kid wrecked the Prince's car in February. Nobody got hurt, thank goodness, but it cost us $75 for the ticket, and $100 for the insurance deductible. She was driving on her permit (legally) and still doesn't have her driver's license. Supposedly she's going to take her test next weekend.

Ok, so I think we're mostly up to date now. Mostly I've been making a big dent in my To Read pile, practicing bellydance, watching exercise videos, and fighting off the urge to lie in bed whimpering with the covers pulled up over my head. I'm just really glad spring is here. The increased light makes me feel so much better. Now if I could just get just a little touch of hypomania going...

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